Do you know these Agrimaster tips & tricks?

Unlock the full potential of Agrimaster with these 8 optimisation hacks!

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Do you know these Agrimaster tips & tricks?

8 overlooked Agrimaster hacks

1. How to create enhanced invoices

You can allocate codes, enterprises, allocations, units, prices and descriptions to a particular item you sell. Instead of doing these steps every time, you make an invoice. The aforementioned fields will be automatically prefilled, saving time when you create your invoices.

Steps: Home > Cashbook > Enhanced Invoicing > Manage Items
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2. How to create a “shopping list” from your worksheets

When viewing your budget, there’s an option to create a “shopping list” (worksheet reports). The shopping list (worksheet reports) will inform you of what operation expenses you’ll require to purchase for the future seasons, e.g., chemicals, fertilisers, labour, seeds, etc. It takes into account any stock on hand and gives estimates of your total cost.

Steps: Home > Budget > Full Budget > Worksheets > Worksheet Reports > Select Worksheet
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3. How to clean up your contacts in Agrimaster Contact Centre

Your contact centre can get cluttered after using the software for some time. You can clean up your contact centre by merging names, correcting misspelt names, and erasing duplicate contacts. You can also add contacts from transactions in your cashbook that have not yet been added to your contact centre.

Steps: Home > Set Up & Tools > Cashbook > Set Up > Names > Reformat
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4. How to code transactions quicker

When you activate intelligent lists, Agrimaster will start to autofill details when you create transactions based on similar transactions made in the past (for example, transactions for the same amount made to the same supplier). As time goes on and more transactions are entered into your cashbook, the software will become more accurate when suggesting information to autofill.

Steps: Home > Set Up & Tools  > Settings > Check Activate Intelligent Lists
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5. Know your assets value at any given time

The Agriamster Stock Control feature links with your cashbook, automatically tracking your assets' value whenever transactions are made. As such, you can constantly track the value of your assets.

This is great as you can able to:

  1. Be conscious of your current assets on hand at any given time
  2. Produce a list of assets to enter accurate numbers in your forecast

Steps: Home > Assets & Stock > Stock Control or
                                                    > Asset Register or
                                                    > Quick Stock Reconciliation
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6. Stacked reports for more advanced reporting

If you want specific information, try using Agrimaster’s stacked reports feature. By using up to four different criteria you select, it can quickly produce a variety of financial reports.

For example, if you want to find how much an employee wage you paid on a particular month with a specific bank account, you can go to

Level 1 Codes: wages
Level 2 Name: employee’s name
Level 3 Month: specific/month/period
Level 4 Bank: specific bank account

Steps: Home > Cashbook Reports > Stacked Reports
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7. Grain income calculator

Agrimaster’s Grain Income Calculator is a powerful tool used in the budgeting side of the software. It allows you to account for different types of grain pools, grain loans, and harvest income over multiple budget periods.

Steps: Home > Budget > Full Budget > Worksheets > Grain Income Calculator
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8. Aged debtor report

Finding it hard to keep track of all your accounts receivable? With the help of Agrimaster, you can produce a report of all the money owed to you and/or your business by a particular debtor. You can use this report to chase for once owed money or write it off as bad debt.

Steps: Home > Cashbook > Enhanced Invoicing > Reports > Report Type > Outstanding Invoices (Aged debtors)
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