Ep 43: The Aussie farmer who introduced the world to chia seeds with John Foss

Listen to the remarkable journey of John Foss, a visionary entrepreneur who has gone beyond the farm gates and redefined the boundaries of agriculture and food production

Apr 24, 2024

Join us on an insightful journey into the world of sustainable agriculture and plant-based foods with John Foss, a visionary entrepreneur and fourth-generation farmer. In this episode, we delve into John's remarkable career, from his pioneering work in establishing The Chia Co as the world's largest producer of chia seeds to his current venture, Fancy Plants, a leading plant-based snack company.

Discover how John's upbringing as a farmer's son shaped his ambitions and led him to explore innovative solutions for global health and sustainability. Learn about his pivotal discovery of chia seeds during a Nuffield scholarship and how it sparked a mission to revolutionise dietary health worldwide.

John speaks about his experience in bringing The Chia Co's products to major retailers like Coles and Woolworths.

He discusses the difficulties of entering the market with an unknown product and how he had to navigate growing beyond the farm gates, into supply chains, and securing shelf space in prominent supermarkets.

Explore the challenges and triumphs of launching and scaling The Chia Co, including navigating agronomic complexities and establishing a presence in 36 countries. Gain valuable insights into John's strategic decision to venture into the plant-based food industry with Fancy Plants, addressing barriers and reshaping perceptions about healthy snacks.

Uncover John's predictions for the future of the food industry, including emerging trends and the readiness of Australian agriculture to adapt. Dive deep into the importance of strong company culture and leadership, along with valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the dynamic world of food beyond the farm gate.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from John Foss's expertise and experience, shaping the future of food one innovative idea at a time.


John Foss
Founder, The Chia Co & Fancy Plants