Ep 42: Are you wasting your time farming? with Ram K. Savana

Ram K. Savana shares insights on "Time-Freedom Coaching" for farmers, emphasising work-life balance and leveraging technology for success.

Mar 27, 2024

🌟 Disclaimer Alert! 🌟 Yes, our podcast title might be provoking, but it's all about sparking thoughtful conversations. We're here to add value to your farming journey because your time is precious. Make sure to give this episode a listen and join the conversation!

Ram K. Savana is Australia's pioneering Farmers' Time-Freedom Coach and the visionary founder of Enable Ag. Ram's journey from a biotech engineer to an influential figure in Australian agribusiness sheds light on innovative approaches to empower farmers and ensure a better work-life balance.

In this episode, Ram dives into the concept of "Time-Freedom Coaching" and how it revolutionises the lives of farmers, allowing them to reclaim their time and achieve a fulfilling work-life equilibrium. Drawing from his diverse background and deep familial ties to farming, Ram shares his inspiration behind founding Enable Ag and narrates his own success story, rooted in his family's farm in southern India.

Through engaging anecdotes and profound insights, Ram explores the pivotal role of technology and efficient systems in helping farmers optimise their time and alleviate labour strains.

He shares success stories of farm families transformed by Enable Ag's services, emphasising the importance of mindful leadership, operational efficiency, and succession planning in modern agriculture.

Ram advocates for a paradigm shift in farmers' mindset, emphasising the pursuit of time freedom alongside financial success. From envisioning family well-being to trusting the process of transformation, Ram offers invaluable wisdom for farmers navigating the complexities of modern agriculture.

Tune in to discover how Ram is reshaping the future of farming, one farmer at a time, and learn how to embark on a journey towards reclaiming time and achieving true fulfilment in the agricultural sector.

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Ram K. Savana
Time-Freedom Coach & Founder, Enable Ag