Ep 40: Farming is no longer a man's game with Erin Gorter

Erin Gorter shares her transition from farm life to influential roles in agriculture, focusing on fostering the next generation of rural leaders.

Feb 13, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by the remarkable Erin Gorter, a true trailblazer in rural leadership. Erin's journey from a farm girl in Mobrup, WA, to her current roles as Vice Chair, Independent Director of the Grower Group Alliance, Council Member for the Council for Australian-Arab Relations, and more, is nothing short of inspiring.

Delving into Erin's rich background and experiences, this episode explores her deep-rooted connection to agriculture and her impressive list of achievements over the past decade. From her roles as a Director on the MLA Board to her position as Chair of Mt Burdett Rural and Regional Advancement Foundation, Erin's impact on the agricultural sector is undeniable.

The conversation unfolds as Erin shares her early experiences growing up in the country, reflecting on whether she always envisioned a career in farming or agriculture. The podcast explores her family background, with her father, Bill, being a farmer and long-term Member of Parliament in Western Australia, and how this influenced Erin's advocacy for the rural industry.

Erin sheds light on the Ag4U Career Pipeline Program, an initiative she founded to help final year university students in Western Australia prepare for careers in the rural industry. The program aims to bridge the gap between education and practical skills, fostering the next generation of leaders in agriculture.

The podcast also delves into Erin's role as Chair of the Rural & Regional Advancement Committee for the Mt Burdett Foundation, where she discusses the foundation's goals, impact on rural communities, and innovative approaches to community building.

Erin shares her insights on rural leadership, drawing from her experiences and involvement in programs like the Australian Rural Leadership Program. She touches upon the importance of mentorship, the role of role models in the industry, and how she actively fosters and supports the development of rural leadership, especially among young and emerging leaders.

Don't miss out on this engaging conversation with Erin Gorter - a leader, advocate, and inspiration in the world of rural leadership!


Erin Gorter
Rural & Regional Industry Consultant