Dowerin Machinery Field Days

Step into the world of agricultural financial management with Agrimaster at Dowerin Field Days!

Located at Zone 3, Booth 546, All Flags Pavilion

8am – 6pm
28 – 29 August 2024
Dowerin, WA
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May 2024

Over 40 years supporting farmers' financial success

As the world of farming continues to grow and expand, farm financial management is crucial for ensuring the long-term sustainability and profitability of your farm business. Agrimaster empowers farm businesses to make data-driven decisions while staying compliant with regulations. Our agriculture accounting software has all the features you need to efficiently manage your farm business.

Join us at our booth as we’ll be demonstrating how you can utilise your data for budget creation and reporting to ensure financial visibility and planning for all scenarios.

Agrimaster empowers farm businesses of all sizes to make confident and informed business decisions to ensure their financial success.

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Connect with Agrimaster

Empowering success through expert consultancy and training

Connect with our knowledgeable Customer Success team, dedicated to addressing your questions and providing exclusive insider tips. We take pride in our tailored consultancy and training services, designed to cater specifically to your farm’s business needs.

  • Standard 1:1 consultancy
  • STP2 migration
  • Training webinars
  • 100% Western Australian customer support

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Grow beyond limits, shop Agrimaster financial management solutions

Optimise your farm's profitability with Agrimaster. For over 40 years, we have been farmers’ accounting software choice. Developed by farmers for farmers, Agrimaster is made to enhance your financial visibility. Discover more about our solutions:

  • Agrimaster Standard
  • Agrimaster Plus
  • Add-on subscriptions: Agrimaster Co-Worker, Essentials, Lite and Budget Only
  • Exclusive subscriptions: Read Only and Community

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Highlighting the beauty of being a part of the Australian Ag industry

Listen to "Boots Off Log On," a captivating podcast where we explore all things farm business. Engaging in finance, management, compliance, innovations, heartwarming stories, and the triumphs of those who've been in your shoes.

  • Navigating succession
  • Boosting farm’s pofitability
  • Finding and retaining employees
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Wealth management and achieving expansion

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