How WA farmers can navigate the 2024 delayed rainfall

The late rainfall this season has adversely impacted WA farmers. See how these practical steps can aid your farm business.

How WA farmers can navigate the 2024 delayed rainfall

With the early part of 2024 bringing limited rainfall to Western Australia, significant impacts on both crop and livestock farming are expected. We’re here to provide you with tailored advice and actionable steps to ensure your farm's resilience and sustainability during this difficult time.

What are the implications of low rainfall?

The dry season presents several challenges, including dry seeding, delayed germination and ideal conditions for pests and diseases. This can lead to financial stress for grain farmers due to lower income and higher costs. Livestock farmers also struggle with fewer available pastures, increasing their expenses for supplemental feed and water. Additionally, the reduced supply can create market volatility.

Hope is not a strategy

During the dry season, proactive planning is key to effective debt management and keeping finances under control. By externalising your worries into a structured budget, Agrimaster can assist you in gaining clarity and confidence.

Whether you collaborate with an advisor or tackle creating a budget yourself, allocating sufficient time is essential.

How to use your budgeting tools to manage a bad season

A good cash flow budget can be your best friend in a tough year. It enables you to externalise your worries, get them out of your head, and turn them into something you can quantify and take action on.  

Create a poor season scenario budget

Create a copy of your Baseline Budget into a Worst-Case Scenario (What If), you can adjust the yields in the enterprise worksheets to locate peak debt periods.

This gives you the ability to forecast the possible cashflow outcomes of a poor season. Enabling you to budget for some alternative options to manage cash flow.

For example:

  • Review commodity sale timing
  • Review inputs  
  • Review all possible capital expenses for the year forward that can be reduced or postponed
Notify your bank

Notify your bank and review your funding requirements, so that you are ready for any surprises and so is your bank. Budget Reports & What The Bank Wants – Agrimaster.


Full Budgeting:

Quick Budgeting:

Monitor and review your cashflow every month

Do your Budget to Actuals analysis every month to stay on top of your cash flow management and pick any variations early. Analyse The Budget Comparison Report – Agrimaster.

Reminder: Make an appointment with your farm business advisor

With effective planning and budgeting, we strive to equip you with the necessary resources and tools to manage the uncertainties that come with a late rainfall season.

Resources for farmers

We also recognise how mentally taxing these times can be for farmers. Below, we have linked mental health resources, including our podcast episode with Warren Davis, in which we discussed the mental health challenges farmers may face.