Refund Policy

A paid Member or Subscriber can upgrade to new products or subscriptions at any time.
Memberships that are upgraded to a Subscription product are not able to return to a Membership as this is a grandfathered product offering and no longer sold by Mastergroup. 
Subscriptions can only be downgraded to a lower subscription product upon renewal date (no refunds applicable for 'change of mind').  Subscription downgrade requests are to be made in writing with 1 month's notice prior to subscription lapsing.

Add-on Products and Services
If you are unsure if an Add-on product or service is suitable for your business we are happy to discuss these with you in detail before you purchase. Clients are advised to take their time when purchasing Add-on products and services as these are non-refundable.

‘Change of Mind’ Refund Policy
Clients are advised to take their time when choosing products and services, ensuring to seek professional advise where required as Mastergroup does not provide “Change of Mind” refunds. To ensure you purchase the product and service most suitable for your business we provide a consultative purchasing process where you can speak directly with our Sales team to evaluate if the products and services are suitable for your business prior to purchasing.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Within 30 calendar days of purchase and prior to the product being registered or populated with a file data, if the product does not function due to technical difficulties or platform incompatibilities, we may, at our discretion, issue a refund of the purchase price less a 10% restocking fee with a minimum charge of $220 (Inc. GST). Mastergroup does not issue refunds once the product/s have been registered or populated with file data. Mastergroup does not provide “Change of Mind” refunds.  

30 calendar days notice period is required for all subscription/membership cancellations. 
Notice to be provided in writing by the account/subscription/membership holder to Mastergroup for processing. 

Customer Service
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