Agrimaster-Plus gives a full featured accounting product with Cashbook, Internet Banking, Full Budgets, Quick Budgets, Reporting, Tax Compliance and in addition a comprehensive, integrated Payroll program.

It’s everything you need, nothing you don’t.
That’s the Agrimaster Advantage!

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Agrimaster is a specialised financial software built by farmers for farmers. It saves you time, is easy to use and provides reliable information.

  • Be your own business expert with Agrimaster's quick and easy cashbook, budgeting and full production tools

  • Manage your day to day accounts

  • Single accounting Cashbook

  • Full and Quick Budgets

  • Internet Banking

  • All reports and functions, Stock Control and Asset Manager

  • BAS and Tax Compliance

  • Fuel Tax Calculations

  • RCTI Importing

  • Cloud Storage, Backup and Share

  • Australian based phone, email and live chat support

  • Book dedicated call from support on

  • Online Help Centre - self-help articles and tutorials


Wagemaster is a comprehensive payroll program that integrates with Agrimaster.

  • Quickly and accurately process full time, part-time & casual/seasonal wages and superannuation payments.

  • Manage 5 full-time employees and up to 30 additional casual/seasonal employees

  • Integrate payroll data with your Agrimaster cashbook – no double entry – saves you time

  • Produce payslips, superannuation payments and group certificates at a click of a button

  • Automatically calculate employees annual, sick and long service leave entitlements

  • Single Touch Payroll Compliant

  • Timesheet Import from third-party systems for time and attendance

Our Commitment To You

For the next 12 months, your subscription entitles you to:

  • Fully licensed versions of the Agrimaster & Wagemaster Software

  • Free Agrimaster File Setup (first year of Subscription only)

  • 2 x Computer Activations

  • Unlimited Access to the Agrimaster Help Centre to user content guides and training videos

  • Unlimited Updates for the 12-month paid subscription

  • Unlimited Support ( live chat, phone and email ) for the 12-month paid subscription

  • Offline Wagemaster Payroll for a Single Entity (1 ABN) – up to 5 full-time and 30 casual/seasonal employees

Annual renewal is required to access both products.
Your renewal tax invoice will be emailed to you annually. 
*If you upgrade from an Agrimaster Membership to an Agrimaster Subscription you will be unable to return to the membership.
Please check the ATO website to ensure this is the correct STP compliant software for your business before purchase.

Don't forget Payroll Assist Service to help you get started!
Get your leave, pays and super correct from Day 1


Payroll Assist

Get pay run ready in 5 easy steps!

Payroll Assist is an additional service offered to relieve payroll induced stress!

It is essential to do payroll right from the beginning. By taking the time to setup your payroll correctly you will avoid potential problems, remain compliant and avoid penalties. 

With Payroll Assist our payroll experts guide you through the payroll setup process. We ensure your payroll setup is correct from the start. Our payroll experts take you through a 5 step process that empowers you for the future. 


+ As an Agrimaster Member can I upgrade to the Agrimaster-Plus subscription?

Yes, as an Agrimaster Member you can upgrade to the Agrimaster-Plus Subscription. You will be pro-rata billed, which means the day you upgrade will be the start of your 12-month annual subscription. We take the months you have unused from your previous membership and discount it off the bill. However if you do upgrade to Subscription you will not be able to return to Membership.

+ As an Agrimaster subscriber can I upgrade to the Agrimaster-Plus subscription?

Yes, as an Agrimaster Subscriber you can upgrade to the Agrimaster-Plus Subscription. You will be pro-rata billed, which means the day you upgrade will be the start of your 12-month annual subscription. We take the months you have unused from your previous subscription and discount it off the bill.

+ I already use and pay for Wagemaster, how can I take advantage of this new offering?

When your Wagemaster comes up for renewal you will be able to upgrade to this new subscription.

+ Is File Set-Up included in Agrimaster-Plus?

If you are a new Agrimaster user, you will get your File Set-Up included for your Agrimaster program (in the first year only). For Wagemaster (the payroll solution), you will need to pay an additional fee to have a custom File Set-Up. We highly recommend purchasing this add-on, as an incorrect File Set-Up can result in wrong pays, leave and super calculations to your employees. Click here for more information

+ How quickly can I get started with payroll?

Once payment is received you will receive a link to download the program(s). Within 24 hours you will receive your Agrimaster/Wagemaster license and you will be able to get started with the program.

+ How will I get help with getting started?

We have an easy-to-use, online Help Centre full of articles to help you get started. Our Customer Service team is also available via Live Chat, Email, Phone and Book a Support Call options, during business hours 8am-5pm AWST. If you have issues with Wagemaster File Set-Up you will need to pay for the additional Custom File Set-Up service. All other queries can be sorted out by our Customer Service team.

+ What if I have more than 5 full-time and 30 casual/seasonal employees?

Please give us a call to discuss further.

+ I use WageEasy, will this cheaper payroll option apply to me?

No, this option does not apply to our WageEasy clients, but we are working on an option for you and you will be updated.

+ Can you import timesheets?

Yes, you can import timesheets into Wagemaster, using an integrated third-party app called Deputy. Click here to find out more about the way Deputy.

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