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Agrimaster Customer Showcase

  • Agrimaster Office 160 Onslow Road Shenton Park, WA, 6008 Australia (map)

The Agrimaster Customer Showcase was a great success, we showcased our team and shared some new developments from the Agrimaster's 2-Yr Roadmap. The 2-Yr Roadmap is our plan for the Agrimaster product over the next two years that you can read more on here

After the initial meet and greet, David our CEO introduced each team who covered more in-depth what Agrimaster has done in the past 6 months, what we are currently doing and what Agrimaster is doing next. 
Here are a few highlights of what was covered:

The Agrimaster Customer Showcase Event Timelapse


Phone Support Changes

Previously we had an answering machine, which has now been replaced with our lovely Melody, who will record your query, so you can be sure that the message is received.


Partner Priority Support

Professional Partners now have priority support, with one member of the customer service team dedicated to helping you get support as soon as you call. If the customer service team is busy, our Partner Priority Support call back time is 15 minutes, so you never have to wait too long.

Call Booking System

Our new call booking system on the Help Centre enables you to book a time for when you’d like customer service to call you. This is to save you the time of sitting around and waiting for a call to come through and to avoid phone tag. Click here to see the new call booking system.


Auto M:drive Backup  

Agrimaster will automatically backup to M:drive to avoid data loss. It will make it easier when sharing with your business adviser so that you can always be sure that the data you’re working on is your one single-source-of-truth. This feature will be coming soon.


M:drive Shortcut Button

A shortcut button for M:drive will be added to Agrimaster to provide you with a more direct route to the Manage Shared function and allow seamless sharing between clients and business advisers. This feature will be coming soon.


Exporting Transactions

Exporting transactions from Agrimaster into your own internal system is currently being developed. This feature will be coming soon. 


New Website & 
Online Shop

The website has multiple new pages and our new online shop, in which business advisors can use their Agrimaster User Number as a promo code to get $110 off for new clients in their first year.



Partner Roadshows

Currently we are arranging roadshow events with partners for our mutual clients. We have found partnering with professional partners and getting in front of our mutual clients is very beneficial. If you would like more information on roadshows with Agrimaster please contact us.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a community channel where people register to trial exclusive new product features in return for feedback. The feedback helps the development team build and adjust each feature before releasing it to the full customer base. If you would like to hear more on the Inner Circle call us on 1800-110-00 or email  



Agrimaster Community Group 

Join the Agrimaster Community Group on Facebook. This is a new social channel for:

  • Peer support - join in group discussions
  • Education - learn what's new in the Help Centre
  • News - ATO updates, BAS Dates etc.
  • Product Updates - what's new in Agrimaster
  • Events notifications - sign up for events

    Join the Agrimaster Community Group now and stay up-to-date on important product information.

The event was featured in the Farm Weekly. We’d like to thank everyone who attended our first Customer Showcase and for those who couldn't attend, there will be future Showcase Events as we continue delivering the features on our Product Roadmap. To keep up to date with product updates join our Agrimaster Community Group on Facebook. If you have any queries, contact us on 1800 110 000 or email us on