What is Agrimaster?

Agrimaster, owned by Mastergroup, is an agricultural financial software program that's been written by farmers for farmers. Agrimaster is backed by over 100 years of farming and financial industry experience and supported by a team that understands the specific needs of the rural community. The agriculture accounting software handles your day to day accounts and cash book, but more importantly helps you plan and create budgets from your data to explore the ‘what if’ options - it even intelligently interfaces with your bank. 

The Agrimaster Advantage

  • Agrimaster has been developed specifically for the agricultural industry.

  • The farming industry sees more volatility than most – Agrimaster helps farmers measure and manage the ups and downs seamlessly.

  • Linked to all the right partners, Agrimaster provides strong direct information exchange across the farming industry, networking farmers, accountants, consultants, banks and key rural enterprises.

With this specialised agricultural software, Agrimaster saves time, is easy to use and provides reliable information. Contact us to find out how Agrimaster can help you take control of your farm finances.

Introducing Agrimaster-Plus

Agrimaster-Plus is a full-featured agriculture accounting product with Cashbook, Internet Banking, Full Budgets, Quick Budgets, Reporting, Tax Compliance and in addition a comprehensive payroll program called Wagemaster.

Employee Toolkit

The Agrimaster Employee Toolkit helps you easily setup an employee on-boarding system that incorporates the right HR practices from the start and reduces unnecessary stress in running your business.

STP eBook

The free eBook has everything you need to know about Single Touch Payroll including a complete overview and a preparation checklist.

Agricultural Budgeting Toolkit

Many farmers want to get the advantages of a farm cashflow budget but don’t know what to include in the budget. Create your farm budget today with Agrimaster’s Budgeting Toolkit

What’s New

NEW and improved Updates to File Manager

File Manager wears many hats. It is the Agrimaster & Wagemaster entry point, the backup, restore and sharing feature within Agrimaster and the cloud solution to manage and access files securely. Advancements to File Manager stem from research and development to better serve our customers. 

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Compliance with Wagemaster

STP is an ATO initiative to streamline payroll reporting.
You’ll be able to report payroll and super information directly
to the ATO when you process your payroll in Wagemaster.
Read more on how you can stay up to date with your compliance.

It’s Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t
That’s The Agrimaster Advantage!

What our customers say...

I love Agrimaster as it is relatively easy to learn. Our accountant uses it and the support staff are wonderful
— Steph Longmuir, KIRP Nominees, Koorda
I like Agrimaster because the program is designed specifically for rural use and has the capacity to provide information at either basic or advanced levels
— Robbie Bowey, P J Bowey & Co, Kulin

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