As a customer-centric company, we are continually reviewing and improving our customer service to better serve you.

Our Customer Service team make it their priority to go above and beyond to make sure you are always getting the most out of your Agrimaster and support resources. Learn how to best use each support service below.


The Agrimaster Help Centre

With 4000 Agrimaster users Australia wide, the chances are if you have a question we have answered it before...and it is waiting for you on our Help Centre. The Agrimaster Help Centre is your one-stop-shop for all instructions, with over 1,000 how-to-articles and videos, it is the perfect place to find quick and easy answers to your queries. 

Submit a ticket   

Tickets are perfect for more complex scenarios. Submitting a ticket involves completing a form detailing your query so that we can dive into your situation and solve it as efficiently as possible. 

Online Chat  

Not only is our Online Chat the easiest channel to receive instant support, but it is also the fastest. It is perfect for simple questions that can be solved quickly and require immediate attention like updating activations or resetting passwords. To start a chat, head to the bottom right hand corner of any page and select 'Supprt' > ‘Live Chat’.  

Book A Support Call  

We have doubled the number of daily Designated calls so you can now speak to our team pronto, at a time that suits you. Booking a call for when you will next be in the office means you will never miss a support call back again. 

Designated calls are perfect for knuckling out complex scenarios with an expert as they provide more 'hand holding' to get to the root of your issue. Designated Calls are perfect for questions around importing pays from Agrimaster to Wagemaster, instillation issues or detailed guidance on budgeting.