7th - 28th June
8th - 29th November


10am - 11 / 11:30 am each Friday


With Full Budget Friday - Webinar Training you will be able to successfully set up and use the Full Budget feature in Agrimaster. Full budgets are the strongest feature of Agrimaster to help you gain the knowledge of how to produce gross margins, Statements of Position, how to deal with the AWB loan option and produce detailed budgeting reports to provide you with important business intelligence to make good business decisions.

  • The live webinars will run each Friday for four consecutive weeks

  • Each session is between 1 and 1.5 hrs long, per week

  • Each webinar has a Q&A forum at the end for all your questions

Pre-requisites for Full Budgets webinar training is:

  • Good internet connection

  • The latest version of Agrimaster

  • Good understanding of Agrimaster or completed Getting Started training module

  • The ability to reconcile the cashbook, basic understanding of BAS preparation and creating reports

The training webinars will cover: 

  • How Full Budgets work

  • Preparing tax setup for Full Budgets

  • Create 5 Enterprise Worksheets to see the income and expenditure for particular parts of your enterprise, e.g. crops/livestock/assets etc

  • Creating a Full Budget and Statement of Position

  • Cover what the banks require when applying for a loan

  • Budget Reporting

  • Q&A at the end of each webinar

Webinar attendees will be sent a workshop manual.
All webinar videos will be sent to attendees weekly.

Training Terms & Conditions Apply