File Manager

File Manager is the new backup, restore and sharing feature within Agrimaster that replaces M:drive.

File Manager is not only the new entry point to your Agrimaster and Wagemaster file, it is a cloud solution to manage and access files securely and easily.

The in-app notifications alert you about scheduled software updates, system maintenance and important user information.

With File Manager, your Agrimaster and Wagemaster files will automatically backup changes to files to the cloud servers so that data is not lost.

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Benefits of File Manager for Clients

Benefits of File Manager for Advisers

  • New user-friendly interface

  • Major performance improvement

  • In-App Notifications

  • Easily see the status of your file, who changed it and who it’s shared with.

  • Automatically backs up file changes to the cloud servers so that data is not lost.

  • You control who you share your file with and what access they have – View only, View and Edit

  • Online collaboration – share real-time business information instantly with your accountant, bookkeeper and consultant.

  • Clearly see who last made changes to your files and when

  • File Manager eliminates the need of the manual exchange of files between farmers and advisers.

Once you have upgraded to File Manager you will need to grant sharing permission to your adviser. Granting your adviser permission will allow them to access your file from the cloud. Read through the Help Centre article: Share a file with File Manager.

  • Invite your client to collaborate with you in real-time. 

  • In-App Notifications

  • Automatically backs up changes to the cloud servers so that data is not lost.

  • All client files shared with you in a single view.

  • Search functionality makes it easy to find a file based on its name. 

  • Fast and easy for you to 

  • open those files

  • view or edit them

  • The file status will show if changes are backed up or not.

  • Last changed by details help you know when a file was last updated and who updated it.

  • Eliminates the need of the manual file exchange with your clients

Your clients need to prepare for File Manager and share their Files with you via File Manager. Click to download a pdf document to send to your clients.

If you have further questions read the Help Article’s and FAQ’s in the Agrimaster Help Centre or watch the File Manager Webinar series below.

File Manager Webinars

The File Manager webinar recordings are broken into a three part series for customers.
After watching the webinar series there is a feedback form at the bottom of the page for any questions you may have.

Webinar 1:
Overview of File Manager

Webinar 3:
How To Use File Manager

Webinar 2:
Preparation Checklist for File Manager


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Wendy Sawyer, Dalwallinu

The accountant, the bank and I are now working on the same version of the file, which we access, share and back-up online. This is not only more efficient for all of our businesses, but means we are not duplicating files and there is now less margin for error.


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