How To Protect Your Computer From The Recent Cyber Attacks

Over the weekend, one of the biggest ransomware attacks to ever occur, hit more than 200,000 people in at least 150 countries, with currently only 3 occurring in Australia.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software which takes over your computer and locks you out, preventing you from accessing any files until money is paid. In this case, the program is called WannaCry and asks for about $300, with the price increasing over time.

The main businesses who have been affected are those who are using old Windows systems which are no longer supported by Microsoft. These include Windows XP and Windows Vista which, since Microsoft stopped supporting them, Agrimaster no longer supports either.

So how to protect your computer from this ransomware?

1) Update Your Computer

Don’t put it off when Windows prompts you to update your software. Updating will prevent you from being in danger of these attacks. Microsoft has released a patch for Windows XP, which if you are still on that system, you should take advantage of. However remember that Microsoft is no longer servicing Windows XP and Windows Vista regularly, so not updating to the new Windows, can still cause a problem later.  

2) Back Up Your Computer

If you have your files backed up either online or elsewhere, them becoming encrypt isn’t as threatening. So learn about the cloud backup offered by products you use, such as our m:drive backup system and protect your files from any attempted attack.

3) Be Cautious With Links You Open

Think before you click a questionable link or before you open a suspicious document or attachment. Be mindful and remember to always use trusted sources.

4) If You Are Hit, Report It Immediately

These cyber attackers will encourage you to keep your computer on and connected, however disconnecting your computer can help to stop the spread of the virus. If there is a demand for money, do not pay it as there is no guarantee you’ll get your files back. Report your attack to the appropriate authorities.

Remember to be vigilant and cautious with your computer and your data.