Timesheet Management


Single Touch Payroll (STP) requires farm businesses with employees to report tax, salaries and super information to the ATO through their chosen payroll or accounting software. As a farm business and as part of the payroll process, documentations such as payslips, recording tax, rosters, superannuation information and timesheets, need to be kept as a record of the management and payment of employees. 

It’s a necessity for farm businesses to accurately and truthfully keep records of the hours worked by your employee. Under the law, farm businesses are required to keep a record of: 

  • employee hours worked - stating starting and finishing time

  • any overtime

  • if the employee is a casual or an irregular part-time employee with a guaranteed pay rate.

Timesheet management plays an important role for your farm business as it helps to keep track of the workload, improve the quality of work, identify areas of improvement, and helps to simplify payroll processing by accurately tracking your employees’ working hours on a daily basis.  

There are numerous options available when implementing a timesheet management system for your employees. Below we have outlined a few so that you can choose one that suits your farm business.

Manual Timesheet:

Using the manual timesheet is a simple and free solution however it can be time consuming due to the nature of it being a manual recording process. Manual timesheets can ensure all the essential information is being recorded.

You can create your own manual timesheet or you can download the Agrimaster Timesheet template here.

Make multiple copies of the timesheet and leave them in a shared-employee area (in a ute or in an office). Inform all your employees where to find the timesheets and how to complete them and how to share them with you. One way to share them that we have found to be effective is to share a picture of the completed timesheet using a mobile phone - this is easy to do and manage for each pay cycle.


Deputy is a third-party app that fully integrates with Wagemaster. Deputy is an all in-one-app that is easy to implement and it is easy for employers to build rosters, schedule employees, manage time and attendance, track performance and improve workplace communication. Deputy accurately tracks employee hours and attendance which means employees are paid accurately and on time every single pay period. The Deputy and Wagemaster integration allows timesheets from Deputy to be exported and uploaded directly into Wagemaster minimising the risk of double-handling timesheet data.  

Step-by-step instructions to successfully export timesheets to Wagemaster, can be found here.

Deputy Pricing:

Deputy pricing starts at as little as $2 per user, per month and also you can have 30-day free trial period to determine if Deputy is suitable for your farm business.

Different packages offered by Deputy can be found here.

WageEasy Timesheets:

Sage WageEasy is currently working on a timesheet management app that allows for accurate tracking of employee hours from any location. Sage has promised their future enhancements to include the ability to track employee work hours from anywhere with remote and online timesheets.  

  • Remote timesheet feature eliminates the need to email/fax timesheet and allows for direct importation of timesheets from multiple locations into WageEasy.

  • Online timesheet feature allows for self-time management as your workers can input their own hours into the timesheet for each pay period.  

The Agrimaster Team will share how to engage in the WageEasy Timesheet app with clients once the feature has been fully developed and implemented by Sage.

If you require a STP compliant agricultural payroll accounting software, please explore our website for more options.