AgriFuturesAU WA Rural Womens Award 2019 Nominee - Tanya Kitto

IMAGE: Tanya Kitto

IMAGE: Tanya Kitto

Tanya Kitto, a passionate lupin grower and long-term Agrimaster user from Geraldton has been nominated for the AgriFuturesAU Rural Women’s Award 2019. Ms Kitto is one of four nominees from Western Australia and her passion for changing people’s perceptions of lupins as a food source, has earned her a rightful place in the category.

In 1998, Ms Kitto married into farming and transitioned into the agricultural industry. Since then her advocacy for lupins as a food source grew. With 21 years of farming experience, she is also determined to create opportunities for regional women by learning how to grasp value-adding opportunities.

The Kitto family have been growing lupins since 1980, and Ms Kitto has actively been involved in the business since 1998. Traditionally, lupins are used to feed stock, and used as part of sustainable farming; lupins help with crop rotation and as weed & disease control. As lupins are a great source of fibre & protein, Ms Kitto wanted to shine a different light on the legume. She is dedicated to promoting the advantages and health benefits of lupins, and as a result, the family created a company called, My Provincial Kitchen. Ms Kitto states,

“We’re an integrated company in the fact that we grow, store, mill & package all our products on the farm, so we have full accountability.

And our lupin flour is different to others on the market because it is a wholemeal flour, so it includes the husk that increases that fibre content.”

The Kitto family, grow and only use Coromup lupins, as they are naturally lower in alkaloids and the best type of lupins for human consumption. Ms Kitto has set high standards in the products they produce. My Provincial Kitchen has a range of Gluten Free Lupin products.

Her aim is not to change people’s diet but to introduce the use of lupins as a substitute in the way we prepare our food. When asked how she plans to change people’s perceptions of lupins as a food source, she states,

Image: Tanya Kitto and Robert Kitto

Image: Tanya Kitto and Robert Kitto

“By making lupin easy to use as well as tasty.

We are learning more every day ourselves about different ways lupin reacts and ways to incorporate it in our daily lives, that is what we share with everyone so they can see different ways they can use it.”

Ms Kitto also expressed her personal experience of becoming lost in who she was and what she wanted in life, and through My Provincial Kitchen, she was able to rediscover her passions for what she loves and how she could help people. Ms Kitto also comprehended this as the biggest challenge faced by women in the industry and wants to help them see their importance and place in the agriculture industry.

Ms Kitto and her husband have been using Agrimaster for about ten years and consider Agrimaster as having the best reporting system. Ms Kitto also expressed her love for File Manager,  


As a long term Agrimaster user, Ms Kitto mentioned her appreciation for Agrimaster’s strong customer service team, in particular to the regular phone calls and e-mail follow-ups she receives.

Ms Kitto offered some advice for the Agrimaster Team, to continue with the regular follow-ups as,

“The customers love to be able to hear from the Agrimaster Team, and they would love to know that Agrimaster values them as customers.”

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