Farm Software Changes Connect the Dots for Safe Data Sharing

Agrimaster File Manager

Streamlining farmer and adviser sharing of key business accounting and management files to save time and money is the aim of a new feature added to the popular Agrimaster program.

Unveiled recently by leading farm software creator, Mastergroup, the ‘File Manager’ function is a major breakthrough in the ability to back-up, share and restore all Agrimaster files from a central ‘cloud-based’ location.

All files are housed through a secure server in Australia, from where these files can be co-accessed, updated and reviewed by farmers and their advisers.

David Egerton-Warburton, Director of Mastergroup

David Egerton-Warburton, Director of Mastergroup

Director of Mastergroup David Egerton-Warburton said the new data centre being used for Agrimaster File Manager file back-up and storage was Microsoft-based and incorporated world-leading technologies for data security, speed of operations, reach of services and practical application.

He said data security was central to the development of File Manager to ensure safe backup, sharing and restoring of files between clients and professional partners.

“Being able to confidently share files online is quicker and safer than exchanging email attachments or thumb drives,” he said.

“It will avoid issues of farmers and advisers working on different versions, when they can inadvertently over-ride each other’s changes.”

Mr. Egerton-Warburton said Agrimaster now also had a ‘single view’, where all partners could quickly check the status of a file.

“These changes demonstrate Mastergroup’s commitment to incorporating latest technologies into our popular and specialised agribusiness Agrimaster software to improve functionality for farmers and advisers,” he said.

“It will save them time and help manage the underlying farm management data that drives business productivity and profits.”

Some key changes that Agrimaster users will notice with File Manager include:

  • Quick file status view – who’s changed or opened it

  • Easier and faster file sharing online

  • Automatic back-up to Mastergroup cloud servers

  • Faster file searches

  • Permission functions for accessing files

  • Notice of ‘last changed’ details

  • Single view of all files shared from clients for advisers.

Mr. Egerton Warburton said File Manager was intuitive to use and the program would automatically monitor and ensure farmers were connected to Mastergroup servers for file back-up.

He said farmers would need to download the new feature using the Agrimaster upgrade installer and the company offered support and training to assist users.

More details about File Manager, how to prepare to install it and tips for users when the software is in place are outlined in a series of webinars that can be accessed on the Mastergroup website.

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