Top 5 Benefits Of Your Farming Business Going Paperless

Being paperless means moving all your files, records and documents into a digital format. Businesses are starting to realize that although you need to keep some documents for a certain period of time, you don’t need to keep them in their physical form. Here are the top 5 reasons why going paperless will benefit your business and help it grow.

1. Security and Accountability of Your Data

When you store all your documents on the cloud you have an extra level of security that physical copy documents don’t have. Most digital document storage comes with encryption so that they cannot be opened without password access, giving you control over who can see your documents.

Paper files are also at a higher risk of being destroyed by more uncontrollable factors such as fire, theft or natural disasters. Paper files can also be more easily misplaced and end up in the wrong hands, whilst with paperless you decide who and when has access to them.

2. Time Saving

Keeping stacks of physical papers that you have to sift through is an ineffective use of time that could be spent on more important aspects of your farm. How long does it take for you to find one file in the mountains of records? We would guess it’s longer than a couple of seconds, which is how long it would take if you stored all your documents on the cloud and went paperless.

On average, small business owners spend 3 hours a week on paperwork, which could be spent working on more important things.

3. Increased Productivity

Having to search through boxes of folders for one piece of paper is not only a waste of time, it’s also very frustrating for the person who has to go through it. By cutting out the exasperating task of having to hunt through all the storage, you will have more energy and time to work on building your farm business.

Economists estimate that paperwork in Australia costs $7 billion to small businesses in lost productivity. Don’t let this energy escape you by wasting it on paper records!

4. Ease of Communication With Others

Going paperless also makes it easier to connect with your accountant, bookkeeper or business partner. If they need access to documents that they cannot access, you can share these documents with them with a few clicks and there is no need to search through countless physical files, then scan the document, then send it – and then of course, file the document away again.

5. Money Saving

With digital filing you will no longer need paper for invoices, forms or reports – this will save you money on paper, ink and of course free up some office space. Plus, the ink in the printer will not run out as fast. Further, having to transport these hard-copy documents from place to place costs you money too. All these little things can add up to huge savings for your farm!

But how do you go paperless? You can start by exploring the cloud storage opportunities available with the products you use. For example, all Agrimaster clients have free access to m:drive standard, which is a secure way to backup your data on the cloud. You can also easily restore the data and share it with your accountant, bookkeeper or business partner at any point.

Take control of your filing and go paperless today!