6 Steps To A Paperless Business

In our previous article Top 5 Benefits Of Your Farming Business Going Paperless, we talked about why your business should go paperless. In this article we’re sharing some ideas on how your business can go paperless.
Here are six steps you can start taking today to move towards becoming a paperless office.

1.      Storage and Sharing

Instead of filing all your documents, you can now store them on the cloud. This will give you easy access to any documents and you’ll also be able to share them with your business partners. Some easily available programs include Google Docs, which allow you to collaborate on documents with others and Dropbox to share larger files.
You may also have cloud storage available in the current programs that you use, such as m:drive with Agrimaster.


2.      Scan Documents for Online Storage

By making this a habit, you can always be sure to find any document, even if it was originally in paper form. It’ll reduce your stress of losing important files and save you time having to file the documents. 
You should also look at Receipt Bank which is an app that integrates with Agrimaster that will help you record your receipts instantly and avoid the need of holding onto all your paper receipts.


3.      Sign Documents Digitally

More and more companies now send through their documents in a format that can be signed online without having to print it out. Programs such as Adobe and DocuSign offer tools to help you sign documents online. Here at the Mastergroup office we use Adobe, which saves us a lot of time and resources.


4.      Incoming Mail

Check to see if any invoices or mail that you currently get can be sent to your email instead of a paper copy. Most companies now email invoices, there is sometimes a fee for getting paper invoices/mail sent to you in the post. So save yourself some money and make sure all your incoming mail is only in physical copy if it actually has to be.


5.      Outgoing Mail

Similar to incoming mail, ensure that all the mail you send out is sent via email or shared via online storage. Utilize the above-mentioned cloud-based sharing tools and securely transfer information. You can save on postage, paper and envelopes by just implementing easy-to-use online tools into your business.


6.      Give It Time

Especially if it isn’t just you running the business, it will take some time for other employees to adjust to the change. Take small steps and give your business time to adopt to these changes.


Becoming a paperless office will save your business time and money, so start taking small steps towards that today.