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m:drive Online Backup & Restore Service - Farm tested for 30 years

Online Backup & Restore Service

Cloud is a good option, it's quick and it's safe!

Agrimaster receives up to 15 calls per week from Members who have lost their files and are unable to recover them - usually due to poor backup methods.

Don't get caught out - get m:drive for peace of mind and security.

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How much does it cost? How does m:drive work?

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  • "Convenient and easy to use, peace of mind that you are not going to lose any of your financial data in a disaster."

    Robert Benger, Saddleworth SA
  • "On a Friday afternoon I can just zip out my file to my accountant or backup my file. This extra backup service is great. As careful as we are sometimes other backup methods don’t restore data properly."

    Leanne Marriott, Donnybrook WA
  • "I like that m:drive prompts me to backup and it’s automatic – all I need to do is click ‘Yes’ as not does it for me – no more CD’s, USBs or hard drives. "

    Judy Rose, Bridgetown WA
  • "m:drive gives me peace of mind and I know that my data is saved safely somewhere offsite – you never know with thumb drives, they are easy to lose. "

    Tracy Parsons, Jerramungup WA
  • "I like the fact that it runs in the background, I haven’t used all the features but so far it has been brilliant. "

    Ashley Teakle, Cunderdin WA
  • "I like the security aspect of m:drive and not having to backup onto disc or other devices. "

    Rachel Maslen, Carnarvon WA
  • "Easy to use, it is quick to backup and restore. My files are always secure which gives me peace of mind as I can’t lose a backup and it doesn’t get corrupted like backups to USBs, discs etc. I like that you can choose your plan depending on the size of your business. "

    Jill McGregor, Karridale WA
  • "I love the convenience of m:drive; I can back up all our data straight after working on a file. I don't have to worry about the CD's getting scratched or the kids putting the USB in the washing machine!"

    Mary Quilty, Ben Lomond NSW
  • "M:drive is really easy to use and its great having extra security for your information. You can lose a disk or a USB, but you can't lose your data once its on m:drive! "

    Bruce Leah, Gerogery NSW
  • "M:drive has made working on our accounts far more manageable and even enjoyable. Being able to share the file with each other is fantastic, no more long slogs together in the office or driving to each other with a USB!"

    Pam Mortimer, Tullamore NSW
  • "I've only just bought m:drive but I can see it becoming part and parcel of our business in the future."

    Stephen Conti, Bendemeer NSW
  • "M:drive takes away the worry of losing your data, I love knowing my data is securely backed up no matter what."

    James Maslin, Caragabal, NSW

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